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Grass-fed beef

Pasture Raised

Humanely Raised

Samascott's Garden Market regularly stocks freshly frozen meat including beef, chicken, turkey and pork. Many of the animals are raised right on our own farm!


We regularly carry all standard cuts as well as many off cuts, but our supply varies with seasonal availability. To ensure we have what you're looking for, we source additional locally raised meat from neighboring Hudson Valley farms. Regardless of source, all meat sold at Samascott's Garden Market comes from pasture-raised animals. The supply varies so check back often at the store!


We will do our best to accommodate special orders for half or whole animals or specialty cuts.

Advanced notice required. Please contact us to place an order.

If you would like to become a purveyor at Samascott's Garden Market please send an email with information about your farm, location, delivery options, pricing and husbandry practices to

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