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Get lost in our 7-acre

Corn Maze!

Open daily in September & October


Samascott's Garden Market

65 Chatham St, Kinderhook, NY 12106

September is the start of corn maze season

at Samascott's Garden Market!


Each year we change the design, and carefully plant

and mow the rows accordingly.


Once the first snow comes, the corn gets mowed down and turned into food for our free-range chickens.


This corn field is exposed to the elements, so bring water for hydration and wear your sturdiest sneakers or boots to get through the mud.

Corn Maze tickets must be purchased inside the store,

then you can head into the maze for a fun adventure.

There are 8 hidden stations inside the maze, each with a different hole punch that corresponds with icons on the ticket.


If you find all 8, you'll win a free small soft ice cream or get $1 off any hard ice cream!

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Strollers are not recommended.

Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash at all times.

2023: Empire State Trail

This year we’re celebrating the Empire State Trail that spans 750 miles throughout New York State and runs right in front of our store! It’s the longest multi-use trail in the US. We love to see it put to good use within our community and by travelers near and far.

2022: Samascott's Mascots

Allow us to introduce you to Korra, Freya & Scotty. That is, if you haven't already met them & pet them during a visit to our store!

2021: Unity

With our current world very divided, even among family members & friends, we chose to focus this year’s maze on the fact that all human beings share many similarities on a primal level.


Let us celebrate life and our planet for the moment, because no matter where we each come from or what we believe, we are all living and breathing at the same time on this beautiful Earth.

2020: Kayla 💖

This year marks our 9th annual Corn Maze, and for us, it’s a special one.


This maze is dedicated to Kayla Samascott Wilson - our daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend.


As some of you know, we lost Kayla in February this year after a 5-year battle with breast cancer. She was 36 years young with a husband, two young children, and many family members and friends who loved her so much.


After living and earning an MBA in beautiful Hawai’i in her twenties, Kayla and her husband returned to this area to start their family.


Kayla loved the farm and played an important role in our family business, as well as our lives. We miss her every day.


Kayla never missed a corn maze with her little ones, and this year, we hope you’ll all enjoy it with your own loved ones.


Life is short. Make memories.


In honor of Kayla’s favorite ice cream order ~ small twist with rainbow sprinkles ~ please enjoy free sprinkles on your free ice cream when you find all 8 stations inside the maze.

2019: Celebrating Nine Pin Cider!


Since 2013, we've worked with our friends at Nine Pin Cider to provide homemade apple cider to them for the making of many of their delicious hard ciders.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this maze... remember, you have to find all 8 hidden stations in order to win a free ice cream!

May the maze gods be with you.

2019 Nine Pine Cider Corn Maze
The corn maze at Samascott's Garden Market is open annually every September and October
2017: I'll get you my pretty!


Think witches, think farming...think fast to get out before you never make it out! This year we honor the fundamental farm vehicle - the tractor. On our farm we have more than 12 tractors of different sizes & styles to complete the multitude of tasks we tackle everyday.

The corn maze at Samascott's Garden Market is open annually every September and October
2016: Meow!


Samascott's Garden Market has two house cats, aptly named Sammy and Scotty. This year's corn maze memorializes our furry friends. Visit the Garden market to meet Sammy and Scotty, purchase your maze tickets and then head out into the rows to see if you can make it through the black cat maze! It's our most difficult maze yet so plan to spend some extra time finding your way through.


The corn maze at Samascott's Garden Market is open annually every September and October
2015: Pumpkin Patch


In our 4th year we honored the pumpkin! We grow hundreds of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.  From orange to green and even white pumpkins - we have found some of the most unique pumpkins to decorate your home for the fall!



The corn maze at Samascott's Garden Market is open annually every September and October
2014: In Honor of Apples


Samascott Orchards currently grows 72 varieties of apples, and we'll be planting more soon! We believe in preserving biodiversity and are proud to do so by tending to everyone's favorite varieties, treasured heirlooms and hard to find rare apples alike. Although most US grocery stores would have you believe that Gala, Red Delicious and Granny Smith are all that exist, we invite you to taste Sansa, Snapdragon, Ashmead Kernel and Arlet... and when you're done with those we have plenty more!


Taste for yourself the wonderful apples of the world, made available by Samascott Orchards.



The corn maze at Samascott's Garden Market is open annually every September and October
2013: Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!


In its second year our corn maze design honored our love for pasture raised chickens! We have a large family of over 1000 laying hens scattered around different pastures across the farm. These amazing ladies roam freely eating a varied diet of insects, grasses and a homemade feed mixture made from various ingredients including GMO-free corn grown right on the farm. One year's corn maze is the next year's chicken feed! Did you every wonder why our eggs are such a vibrant orange color and taste so delicious?! It's because our hens live a happy, healthy and all natural diet enjoying plenty of sunshine. No cages and no hormones, ever!


You'll notice the "blow out" in the 2013 design... Mother Nature sent a lot of rain this year which caused a portion of the maze to be delayed in growth. It eventually filled in but not before this picture was captured.

The corn maze at Samascott's Garden Market is open annually every September and October
2012: We Bring You, Ice Cream!


Back in the days of Grandfather Oliver Samascott, the farm tended an ice cream stand on Route 9H. We continue Oliver's tradition today by making homemade ice cream using New York State dairy at Samascott's Garden Market. What better way to introduce our corn maze than to honor our roots in ice cream?!


Although the maze is only an ice cream cone design for one year, we continue to supply ice cream at Samascott's Garden Market every day of the year! We suggest picking up a scoop (or two) as a power treat to get you through the maze or as a reward after completing the maze!

2018: Charlotte's evil brother


Beware of the web...spiders are quick to catch their prey! This year's maze will challenge you to the max with paths that all look similar to the last. We dare you to enter!

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