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Stop in for the flowers, stay for the food.


Garden Market

The Garden Market

From our greenhouses, we offer more than 30 varieties of perennials, 60 varieties of annuals, 30 different vegetable & herb plants, and thousands of beautiful hanging baskets.


We take care of all your gardening needs, offering a range of supplies including beautiful pots, durable gardening tools, a variety of gardening gloves, several types of soil & mulch, and an ever-changing mix of garden decorations including globes, statues, bird baths, and trellises.


Also available is an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables picked fresh from our farm. To complete your shopping basket, we also offer homemade ice cream, soups, salads, grain bowls, baked goods, and dozens of other local New York State food products.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream.JPG

​The History

Samascott's Garden Market, formerly known as Brosen's, was purchased by the Samascott family in 2005. It began as a garden center more than 50 years ago with 13 greenhouses and a small food market.


Due to the low ground level, the store endured 2 floods between 2005 and 2010. In 2011, we began construction of our new 5,000 square foot store with an attached 13,000 square foot greenhouse, all built on higher ground to avoid flooding in the future.


In April of 2012, we opened the new Samascott's Garden Market!

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