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Enjoy a fun fall day on the farm!

Pick fresh fruits & veggies, choose your perfect pumpkin, indulge in our homemade apple cider & donuts, and capture fun-filled memories with your loved ones.



That's it for 2019. 

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We're closed for the 2019 season.

Thanks for coming out to pick this year!

Currently Picking

PYO reservations are required for groups traveling

in large vehicles such as:




Sorry, we cannot accommodate buses, RVs,

or other large vehicles in the orchard.

However, parking is available in an onsite parking lot

& we can arrange a wagon ride through

the orchard for up to 40 people with advance notice.

Please email jake@samascott.com 

to schedule a wagon ride.

How it Works

ARRIVAL: Upon entering the farm, you'll first stop at the farm store window to pick up a harvest map, pay the entry fee, and either purchase containers or have your own weighed. The map tells you what's ready for picking, prices, rules and where to find everything. If you arrive with any produce from another farm inside your vehicle, please inform us before entering our orchard. We will hold it for you in store while you pick, in order to avoid charging you for it upon checkout.


CONTAINERS: You may bring your own containers or purchase them at the farm store window. If you bring your own, you'll need to have each container weighed before picking. Any un-weighed containers will receive an estimated weight deduction at checkout at the discretion of the cashier. 


DRIVING: You will drive your own vehicle into the orchard, but the roads can be bumpy, muddy and uneven. Park near your desired picking area and walk into fields. Please use common sense to avoid driving and walking over living plants. We have signs throughout the orchard pointing you in the right direction for each item currently available for picking, as well as exit signs. Speed limit is 10 mph. Farm vehicles and pedestrians always have the right of way.

PICKING: Our harvest map lists all currently available produce w/ prices per pound. We ask that you please only pick what you intend to pay for, and please do not pick anything NOT listed on the map, as those items still need time to grow. Anything picked that is not listed will be charged up to $10/lb.


CHECK OUT: You'll stop at the farm store before exiting the farm to pay for what you've picked. Pickings will be weighed by a cashier and paid for inside the farm store. You'll find additional produce and farm treats for sale in our store, including homemade hard ice cream and apple cider donuts! All cars will be manually inspected before leaving

PAYMENT: We gladly accept cash and all major credit cards. We do not accept checks.


The entrance to PYO closes at 4:00pm.

All fields must be cleared and guests checked out by 5pm.


All PYO produce is priced per pound. Prices may fluctuate throughout the season.

Stay hydrated! We recommend bringing water, or you can purchase it in our store, as well as homemade apple cider and other beverages.

All bags will be searched & all vehicles will be inspected upon checkout. (This is why). Unfortunately, produce theft is a major issue.

You will be charged up to $10/lb for any produce you pick that is not listed as available on the harvest map OR produce that is not brought out of your vehicle to be weighed.

You Should Know

PYO Rules

  • No dogs or other pets allowed in the orchard. Any guest with a pet in vehicle will be denied entry.

  • This is a working farm with machinery in use. By entering, you agree to pick at your own risk. 

  • You must pay for all produce in your vehicle, whether you found it on the ground or it was picked by anyone in your party, including kids. All produce must be paid for BEFORE eating it.

  • No alcohol or smoking anywhere on our property, including the parking lot.

  • No BBQs, picnics, cooking, or fire of any kind. There are picnic tables available outside our farm store once you've paid for your pickings.

  • Do not enter barns, greenhouses, houses or sheds.

  • We cannot accept returns or refunds for PYO produce. It cannot be un-picked, and we cannot resell it. Please only pick what you intend to pay for. 

  • No climbing on ladders, trees or farm vehicles.

  • Do not shake or brake branches or throw, dump, damage, or waste any produce. We work hard to grow it.

  • NO LITTERING. Trash bins are located throughout the orchard.

Anyone unwilling to follow the above rules will be escorted off our farm immediately.

Release of Liability

Samascott Orchards is an active farming operation; all guests enter at their own risk. As a condition of being permitted to enter the property all guests hereby RELEASE, WAIVE AND DISCHARGE the Owners and Staff from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action now and hereafter for any and all injuries to his or her person or property and for damages including but not limited to those injuries or damages caused by negligence of the Owners and Staff.


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Sour Cherries
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Peas (snap, shell)
Summer Squash
Winter Squash
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**All dates are approximate and depend upon weather. Please scroll up to find out what's currently available.

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